Resonance is designed to improve workflows and communication across hospitals. This Patient Centric approach redefines traditional practices by utilising touch screen technologies to share information and facilitate the effective co-ordination of work across multiple disciplines. Rather than focus on an individual department’s needs Resonance focuses on the patient’s journey through the hospital and opens channels of communication between all staff participating in each patient’s individual journey. Not only does Resonance improve the patient’s journey but it also reduces costs, increases bed turnover, reduces patient waiting times and improves resource utilisation.


Patient Centered Software

Resonance is an innovative patient centered software application designed for hospitals. Resonance manages the patients journey from admission through to discharge. All patient related exams are displayed and scheduled using Resonance directly by the caregivers.
Hospitals using Resonance experience increased patient satisfaction & engagement.


We have no user Manual!

The user experience is paramount in Resonance. Its success is dependent on hospital staff wanting to use the technology rather than imposing it on them. If the solution is not easier to use than the existing methodologies, then it will not be adopted. Hospital staff are now familiar with the high quality user interfaces and experiences delivered by consumer products like tablets and smartphones. We strongly believe that it is not acceptable any longer for them to use sub optimal interfaces in their workplace. Resonance provides an unrivaled user experience in the hospital healthcare sector. Utilizing tablets and wall mounted touch screen technology it is designed to keep staff up and on their feet rather than with their heads down in front of computer screens. Simple touch gestures allow information to be captured in seconds. In addition, Resonance incorporates common social media features, such as messaging and availability into everyday workflow practices.

  1. Simple & Intuitive User Interface: Caregivers want to use Resonance!

  2. We integrate using Real Time HL7 Messaging

  3. Resonance utilises Mobile &Touchscreen Technology

Find your Patient: We integrate to your Hospital's RTLS & RFID systems


Have you ever wondered why we call a patient for a procedure and then the patient ends up waiting?

Good patient Management is complex and multidisciplinary. Often the systems we employ are not patient centered. Typically the systems most hospitals use are data driven and don’t allow for seamless patient care.
Information, communication and situational awareness are key aspects to the efficient operational management of a major hospital. Although a myriad of legacy IT systems are available for healthcare providers, many of these focus primarily on data capture which although important can hinder rather than improve workflows within hospitals. Under pressure, staff will inevitably follow the path of least resistance and even the most technologically advanced hospitals still sometimes resort to physical paper and phones to communicate in real-time. Unintuitive and difficult to use legacy IT systems get side-lined in the rush for real-time information in the often chaotic reality of a busy hospital. The efficiency of a hospital is directly dependant on these three keys aspects and the deterioration of them directly affects the performance of a hospital.

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